Patients often ask what type of movement or exercise they should do to Flourish

My answer is a bit different for everyone but here are 3 questions to consider when choosing your exercise for the day:

1. How recovered are you?

  • Your recovery level should dictate your exercise style/ intensity. More recovered = body can be challenged more
  • A subjective score greater than 7/10 = go for that higher intensity exercise!
  • Or if you’re a metrics fiend like me, a low HRV (heart rate variability) or low recovery score on your device could indicate the need to scale back intensity of movement

2. What time of day are you exercising?

  • The morning is a great time to choose more intense exercise to promote your cortisol awakening response
  • If you are working out in the evening (within 4-5 hours of falling asleep) you may want to consider lower intensity movement to prevent sleep disruption

3. Do you have any pre-existing conditions?

  • There are many health conditions which have exercise limitations but I am referring to those you might not have considered like:
    • Pregnancy
    • Trying to conceive
    • Or feeling very stressed/ anxious
  • While your menstrual cycle is NOT a health condition (hopefully!) if you are in the luteal (post ovulation) phase, you may want to consider choosing a lower intensity exercise

How are you moving today?

At Flourish we believe that exercise is a pillar of health. Without movement you cannot reach your peak level of mental and physical health.

Pregnant or TTC and need more support around safe exercise?

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Always good vibes,

Dr. Ais